Weekly Digest 43/2021

by Gabby Orcutt

Welcome to my Weekly Digest #43. Happy Halloween everyone 🎃

This weekly digest contains a lot of interesting and inspiring articles, videos, tweets, podcasts, and designs I consumed during this week.

Interesting articles to read

Bringing teams together in Creative Cloud at Adobe MAX 2021

At Adobe MAX 2021 we unveiled Creative Cloud Canvas & Spaces to help you collaborate better in Creative Cloud. We’re also extending Photoshop & Illustrator to the web.

Get a catch block error message with TypeScript

TypeScript forces you to acknowledge you can’t know what was thrown making getting the error message a pain. Here’s how you can manage it.

Merge Conflicts: What They Are and How to Deal with Them

Merge conflicts… Nobody likes them. Some of us even fear them. But they are a fact of life when you’re working with Git, especially when you’re teaming up with other developers.

Some great videos I watched this week

Details Elements Obviously Need a Pizza Arrow

If you make a summary of a details anything other than the default display: list-item;, then you lose the default ::marker.

by Chris Coyier

Next.js 12 is a Beast

Your first look at Next.js version 12. It’s packed with awesome new features, like a rust compiler, middleware, concurrent mode, server components, and more.

by Fireship

Universe 2021 Keynote

CEO Nat Friedman will introduce a demo-packed session highlighting the latest feature updates. You’ll hear directly from the Hubbers who helped build them and learn how we successfully use GitHub at GitHub to build GitHub on GitHub.

by GitHub

Make Money from your API Tutorial

Learn how to collect payments from an API or SaaS product. In this tutorial, we build an Express.js API from scratch, then make money by integrating Stripe Metered Billing.

by Fireship

dribbble shots

Gamification components

by Iman Ghasemian

Social Media Stats Dashboard

by AR Shakir

Client Details

by Saikat Kumar

Career & Experience Tracking Dashboard

by Rashedul Islam


Picked Pens

Confetti Button

by Marco Biedermann


by Jon Kantner

Podcasts worth listening

Call with Kent — Protected route and redirect after payment

This is about protected route and 3rd party payment flow, ending in a re-direct back to my website. The user would need to re-login again. How to avoid that?

The Changelog — Oh my! Zsh.

Oh My Zsh — a delightful, open-source, community-driven framework for managing your Zshell configuration.

CodePen Radio — Apollo at CodePen

Rachel and Chris chat about all things Apollo GraphQL. Apollo is in this weird category of software where like by far most websites do not need it or anything like it.

Syntax — Horror Web Dev Stories

For episode 400, Scott and Wes talk about web dev horror stories — 2021 edition!

Thank you for reading, talk to you next week, and stay safe! 👋




Full-Stack JavaScript Engineer with focus on React, Redux & Node.js and passioned about Open Source working @Mobime based in Berlin, Germany marcobiedermann.com

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Marco Biedermann

Marco Biedermann

Full-Stack JavaScript Engineer with focus on React, Redux & Node.js and passioned about Open Source working @Mobime based in Berlin, Germany marcobiedermann.com

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