Weekly Digest 21/2022

Interesting articles to read

Layouts RFC

This RFC outlines the biggest update to Next.js since it was introduced in 2016:

  • Nested Layouts: Build complex applications with nested routes.
  • Designed for Server Components: Optimized for subtree navigation.
  • Improved Data Fetching: Fetch in layouts while avoiding waterfalls.
  • Using React 18 Features: Streaming, Transitions, and Suspense.
  • Client and Server Routing: Server-centric routing with SPA-like behavior.
  • 100% incrementally adoptable: No breaking changes so you can adopt gradually.
  • Advanced Routing Conventions: Offscreen stashing, instant transitions, and more.

Lesser-Known And Underused CSS Features In 2022

CSS is constantly evolving, and some cool and useful properties either go completely unnoticed or are not talked about as much as others for some reason or another. In this article, we’ll cover a fraction of those CSS properties and selectors.

Some great videos I watched this week

Advanced Rendering Patterns

As modern applications are getting more and more complex, it’s quite easy to end up with large bundle sizes and long loading times. Although there are many tools that can help with performance, there’s still a lot you can do as a developer to load your code more efficiently.

by Lydia Hallie

Serverless for frontend engineers, in 10 minutes

Get a quick overview of what serverless is and what it does for you. From why servers make fun ideas boring to how serverless makes the boring work somebody else’s problem. And a peek into the future with modern platform-integrated frameworks.

by Swizec Teller

Now and .then: Debugging Async JavaScript

Async JavaScript is mind-bending to write, even worse to debug. In this talk, we’ll explore why async bugs are difficult, what common missteps create those bugs, and how to debug async code with the debugger.

by Jenn Creighton

Useful GitHub repositories

Wikipedia Speedrun Game

The goal of the game is to navigate from a starting Wikipedia article to another one, in the least amount of clicks and time.

dribbble shots

Task management: to do list dashboard

by Mehdi Bagheri

Cryptio ⁝ Crypto App

by Hesam Mousavi

Prodcast App

by App Ninja


Picked Pens

What if <input type="range"> was segmented?

by Jhey

Netlify loading animation

by Lynn Fisher

Podcasts worth listening

TypeScript Tooling Explained

In this episode of Syntax, Wes and Scott talk through TypeScript tooling, build tools, configs, and editors.



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