Welcome to my Weekly Digest #12 which is the last one for March.

This weekly digest contains a lot of interesting and inspiring articles, videos, tweets, and designs I consumed during this week.

Interesting articles to read

Scripting with GitHub CLI

To celebrate one year since launching CLI, we’re sharing some ways you can customize and build on top of the gh command.

New ES2021 features you may have missed

Discover the five new ECMAScript (JavaScript)feature proposals that have an anticipated release date for mid-2021.

Not Your Typical Horizontal Rules

The HTML <hr> element adds a horizontal rule (or line) wherever you place it. A horizontal rule is used to provide a visual break and divide content. Like other HTML elements, horizontal rules can be styled using CSS (and SVG).

How to Improve CSS Performance

Learn the most common speed issues caused by CSS and how to avoid them.

Some great videos I watched this week

Apple Bedtime — “Can it be done in React Native?

The Science of Unit Tests

Unit testing has emerged as one of the foundations of modern software development. There are plenty of good talks on how to write tests, full of good advice, guidelines, and procedures: “Test using only the public interface”, “Use Test-Driven Development”, “Write Behavior-Driven Tests”.

Linked Lists vs Arrays, When They Suck, and When They Don’t

In this video we talk a bit more about data structures and optimizations, specifically we’ll get into linked lists vs arrays, how to do common operations on them, and what happens to the underlying memory.

Post-Modern CSS

CSS has changed. It’s moving away from the mired mess of its origin and toward a bright future of interesting layout and easy design. If you’ve been focused on other important skills in the past 5 years, you’ve missed out on a lot of new, helpful techniques, including Flexbox and CSS Grid Layout.

by Bryan Robinson

What’s the meaning of underscores in Python variable names?

Leading underscores in Python variable names protect developers from naming conflicts. In this video you’ll learn how to work with these Pythonic coding conventions and why they exist.

Useful GitHub repositories

Emoji Mart

Emoji Mart is a Slack-like customizable emoji picker component for React


VS Code extension that allows you to record and playback guided tours of codebases, directly within the editor.

dribbble shots

Playme Podcasts App

Foodservice Industry Platform


H&M APP New Look


Picked Pens

3D CSS Plane

by Jhey

50 Shades of Hue

by Jhey

Talk to you next week and stay safe! 👋

Full-Stack JavaScript Engineer with focus on React, Redux & Node.js and passioned about Open Source working @Mobime based in Berlin, Germany marcobiedermann.com

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