Welcome to my Weekly Digest #11.

This weekly digest contains a lot of interesting and inspiring articles, videos, tweets, and designs I consumed during this week.

Interesting articles to read

Authentication is one of those things that just always seems to take a lot more effort than we want it to. To set up auth, you have to re-research topics you haven’t thought about since the last time you did authentication, and the fast-paced nature of the space means things have often changed in the meantime.

If you write server-side JavaScript, chances are you’ve need to read information from environment variables. It’s considered a best practice to share sensitive information, such as access tokens, inside of environment variables to keep them secure

An overview of the best state management libraries and how to choose the right state management strategy for your app.

Your organization’s development experience can be detrimental to your ability to ship code to your clients.

There is a very delicate balance that needs to be found between testing your code and maintaining a good development experience.

Finding that balance required a paradigm shift in the way we do tests at Kenshoo, which allowed us to reduce our CI/CD process by 80% while maintaining excellent test coverage.

Software engineers are identified with strong opinions. Here’s how to get your point across effectively.

Some great videos I watched this week

Looking at the audio mechanics and algorithms behind music identifier apps. David Domminney Fowler built a demo you can try yourself.

by Computerphile

In today’s GUI challenge, we build and demo a dynamic settings page with sliders and checkboxes. Our settings page is responsive, supports multiple device inputs, and works across browsers. How would you create a settings page?

by Adam Argyle
by Colt Steele
by Two Minute Papers

ZMV is a function built into the standard macOS ZSH shell. It lets you do many powerful file operations, even if you don’t use the Terminal a whole bunch. This video walks you through how to use it with a simple rename of files from one extension to another.

by Ben Frain

Learn to generate procedural plants with an l-system implementation. In this project Simon uses l-systems, or Lindenmayer systems, to generate a variety of procedural plants and trees.

by SimonDev

Useful GitHub repositories

These samples provide a starting point for how to integrate different services using a Compose file and to manage their deployment with Docker Compose.

The best design tools and plugins for everything

UpscalerJS is a tool for increasing image resolution in Javascript via a Neural Network up to 4x.

dribbble shots

by Sajon
by Dmitry Lauretsky
by Amelia Nurvita


Picked Pens

by Jon Kantner
by Robin Delaporte

Talk to you next week and stay safe! 👋

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