Weekly Digest 04/2022

Welcome to my Weekly Digest #4 of this year.

This weekly digest contains a lot of interesting and inspiring articles, videos, tweets, podcasts, and designs I consumed during this week.

Interesting articles to read

Fancy CSS Borders Using Masks

In this article, we look at modern CSS mask techniques to create three fancy CSS borders without having to use a background image.

Make Free Stuff

On web3, Wordle and the radical concept of building things for free.

Frontend Predictions for 2022

Thoughts on what we might see in the coming year, including the return of micro-frontends, functional JavaScript & the demise of the Jamstack as we know it.

Some great videos I watched this week

Prisma in 100 Seconds

Prisma is an open-source ORM that makes it fun and safe to work with a database like MySQL, Postgres, SQL Server, or MongoDB. It generates a type-safe client library to provide an awesome DX in any Node.js or JavaScript project.

Remix Single: Optimistic UI

Instead of adding pending states and busy indicators while we wait for the server to process a mutation, we already know what the UI will look like when it’s done. Skip the spinners with Optimistic UI!

VSCode Log Points

A great feature of VScode is its log points. You can use these to essentially stop polluting your code with console.log statement.

Chrome 98 — What’s New in DevTools

Full-page Accessibility tree, more precise changes in the Changes tab, and more.

An HTML Select element that is… actually styleable.

Select menus, like literally the select native HTML elements, are notoriously unstyleable. In the last few years, it's become tenable to style the outside of the menus, even with just CSS alone, making them sit nicely in design systems without too much trouble.

dribbble shots

Vimon application

Rideshare Mobile App

E-commerce mobile app onboarding

Music Player App


Picked Pens

3D Futuristic Room

Generative growing plants

Hawaii Mountains

Podcasts worth listening

CodePen Radio — With Aysenur Turk

Aysenur Turk had a number of appearances on this year’s Top Hearted of 2021, including #1! In this podcast, I get to catch up with her, find out where she gets ideas and inspiration, how much time it takes to build something like her amazing layouts, and what her favorites are.

Syntax — Monorepos! Workspaces, pnpm, turborepo + more!

In this episode of Syntax, Scott and Wes talk all about monorepos — the why’s and the how’s of using them on your projects.

Thank you for reading, talk to you next week, and stay safe! 👋



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