Welcome to this weekly digest, which is the last one for January ❄️.

This weekly digest contains a lot of interesting and inspiring articles, videos, tweets, and designs I consumed during this week.

Interesting articles to read

Making Remote Work Work: Useful Tools And Resources

How to stay creative, focused, and organized when working remotely? We’ve collected some useful tools and resources that we use daily at Smashing. We aren’t affiliated in any way with any of the toolmakers featured here. We simply love what they do.

The CodePen Spark

Stacks, Skateboards, and Synths

How Algolia created its Netlify build plugin

We recently released the Algolia Netlify plugin. You can read more about the plugin, watch an intro, or get started with right away. Algolia is a flexible search and navigation platform, which enables cutting-edge, web, app and e-commerce experiences.

Where should you store tokens?

Confused on how to store a token on client side?🤷 LocalStorage? Cookie?

Creating a Simple Yet Complicated Dark Mode Animation

A dark mode toggle animation should have some personality. Here’s my take on a unique dark mode transition animation.

Using fetch with TypeScript

How to make HTTP requests with fetch and TypeScript

Don’t use functions as callbacks unless they’re designed for it

New aspect-ratio CSS property supported in Chromium, Safari Technology Preview, and Firefox Nightly

Maintaining a consistent width-to-height ratio, called an aspect ratio, is critical in responsive web design and for preventing cumulative layout shift. Now, there’s a more straightforward way to do this with the new aspect-ratio property launching in Chromium 88, Firefox 87, and Safari Technology Preview 118.

Addon ecosystem 2.0

New addon catalog, tutorials, and docs.

Some great videos I watched this week

Despite having launched a video showing how to mock both Fetch and Axios recently… here is another solution, the one recommended by Kent C. Dodds (creator of React Testing Library), showing how to use Mock Service Worker to avoid making actual HTTP requests when you are running your tests.

GitHub Discussions, Dark Mode, PR Auto Merge, Codespaces, and more #DemoDays

Join Bryan Cross for a tour of the exciting additions and changes to the GitHub User Experience we introduced at GitHub Universe. All to make your experience as a developer just a bit smoother.

VS Code Productivity Tips and Tricks

Tips and tricks on how to be productive with Visual Studio Code.

Fun with advanced TypeScript

Useful GitHub repositories


macOS productivity tool to launch everything (e.g. switch the next song, connect bluetooth device, set a timer, etc.) so you can stay focused on your current task.


Mock Service Worker

Mock Service Worker (MSW) is an API mocking library for browser and Node.



Deskreen turns any device with a web browser to a second screen for your computer


dribbble shots

Newsly — News Reader Concept

by Dmitriy Kharaberyush

Notes App concept

by Anton Mikhaltsov

Podcast Dashboard Component design | Part 2

by Amirbaqian


Picked Pens

Genuary 25 — Make a Grid of Permutations

by Johan Karlsson

ScrollTrigger — Highlight Text

by Ryan Mulligan

Book Store UI

by Aysenur Turk

Talk to you next week and stay safe! 👋

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